TrapFray Unveils New "5 Years Later" EP + Upcoming Project

In honor of the upcoming album Omertà, set to release in mid-spring, rising Dallas artist Trap Fray delivers the first installment to his Five Years mixtape series, Five Years Later EP.

Clocking in at approximately 18 minutes, the 5-track extended play is clipped with tenacious cadences and soaring melodies that explore through themes of pain, motivation, and redemption. Holding his own weight, with only one guest feature, the mini-album revisits the rapper darkest-moments, before and after his incarceration and touches on the lack of trust within your inner circle.

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, 26-year-old Trap Fray is one of the South’s most promising rising rap stars. Following his standout debut single Trenches, which generated a few thousand streams, the newly released project proved beyond a doubt that Trap Fray’s breakout season has arrived.

“I feel like now days when it comes to the industry, I had to go with my instincts, you gotta go with your gut feeling," Fray said in an interview with THEREWXNDZ. "I have nothing against other upcoming artists, but i do feel like there isn't enough versatility throughout hip-hop." “For a minute it seemed like everybody sound the same, even got to the point I didn't want to listen to rap music no more, I start listening to pop stations, playing Billie Eilish and s**t."

"So I wrote more than a thousand songs over the course of me being locked up since 2015, I was tired of everybody sounding the same," the rapper told our CEO. "It’s a lot of flavor out there, but I believe this EP is the beginning of a new wave. People might not remember this album, but I can guarantee, this gone go down in history.”

Stream Trap Fray’s Five Years Later on Spotify and Apple Music now.




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