Underground bunker 'plan B' features spacious living room with glass-encased tree

Rethinking life due to the COVID-19 pandemic, sergey makhno architects has introduced ‘plan B’, an innovative underground house concept. the concrete bunker is an autonomous residential space which can be situated at any location, at a depth of 15 meters or below, providing comfort and functionality.

from the outside, plan B by sergey makhno architects resembles the entrance to a modern art museum, or even a military base. the building has a simple and concise form, which is durable and reliable, but also aesthetically attractive. it does not intimidate and allows entrance from both the ground and the air.

the structure is equipped with three entrances and a helipad on the roof. according to international recommendations, the upper floor is at a depth of 15 metres. penetrating deeper the bunker includes the following layers: a living space, a floor with a water treatment system and generator, a layer of electrical equipment, and at the very bottom – a well.

'plan B’ has three exits, and a fire-resistant evacuation ‘ring’ which can be reached from almost any point within the interior. in this way, in case of an emergency event inside the bunker, the residents can immediately get to the evacuation route. in a separate room, there is a garden with phyto-equipment, where you can grow vegetables and some fruits.

the building functions due to autonomous systems; water supply, sewerage, closed ventilation system with recuperation, intake, and air purification. in addition, there is a separate room for medical care, with an isolator and a closed area for storing stocks of medicines. whatever happens on the earth’s surface, life in ‘plan B’ will continue.



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