Vans Commemorates The Simpsons With Full Footwear Collection

The Simpsons, the longest running scripted series in television history, is quite simply part of American culture. Though its heyday was in the 1990s, the writing, character development, and plot-lines placed in a class that very few belonged to, spawning decades of relevance and replay-ability and setting the foundation for animated sitcoms throughout history. Over a decade ago, the family was at the center of a Vans collaboration with renowned artist Kaws, but this Fall season, the family of five is commemorated once again on Vans footwear, with Homer, Marge Bart, Lisa, and Maggie (and its extended family) cemented on a selection of footwear and apparel that all Simpsons fans would go nuts over. Some of the standouts in this collection include a Sk8-Hi that feature a family portrait – one done in Matt Groening’s contemporary illustrations and another earlier style that was revealed in a Simpsons short. There’s one with the three Bouvier sisters with chenille material adding the dimension to the curly hair, while Patty and Selma have some extra hairs hanging off their legs. El Barto, Bart Simpson’s vandalizing alter ego, is seen on the Skate Pro, while Lisa proudly boasts her presidential campaign with a purple Sk8-Hi. Also included is a full set of apparel and accessories, including sandals covered in strawberry frosting and sprinkles (Homer’s favorite). While these aren’t quite the Assassins, we expect the Vans Simpsons collection to sell out quickly once it releases at Vans and select shops. For now, check out the official images below and signs on Vans below to stay updated.




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