VB Just Launched a Hard-Earned Fragrance Called ‘Thirst’

Ever come home from the pub after a solid sesh only to be lambasted by your partner for smelling like a brewery? Well, jokes on them because it’s about to become a daily occurrence. No, we aren’t promoting alcoholism, just the launch of Victoria Bitter’s new fragranceThirst: A Scent by VB. A new odour for hard-working Australians who like to indulge in a few knock-off bevvies,Thirsthas the impression of blood, sweat and tears, without the aroma.

To craft the new fragrance, the brewers at VB partnered with leading Australian perfumers creating a big, bold scent. The result is a combination of premium perfume oil along with the essence of Australian Super Pride hops used to brew Victoria Bitter. According to VB, Thirst is a fragrance that “celebrates that satisfying moment of knock off”. The new scent opens with a refreshing combination of bitter citrus and icy aromas, before finishing with the bold freshness and energy of sweet hoppy accents. “Thirst is a scent that every man can get around. It will make you wanna sniff your mate after a full day on the tools,” VB ambassador, Harley Breen said.

The launch of VB’s new fragrance comes at a great time for Aussie blokes looking to up their aroma. Just last week,Warney dropped his new fragrance SW23, a similarly woody scent that reeks of masculinity and a five-wicket haul on Boxing Day. Both fragrances are available at Chemist Warehouse, releasing just in time for Father’s Day. So, if you’re looking to surprise the old boy with a familiar scent, you know what to do.



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