Verizon brings 5G connectivity to 13 NFL stadiums in time for kickoff

Ahead of the kickoff to the NFL’s 100th season, Verizon announced that it is bringing 5G “Ultra Wideband” connectivity to 13 NFL stadiums. 

At some of the venues, including New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium, the field the New York Jets and Giants call home, the stadium is the only local place a consumer with a 5G handset (there are currently only a few) can experience the next-generation network. (Verizon has launched 5G in parts of 10 cities so far, with the goal of reaching 30 markets by year-end.)

In the NFL stadiums where coverage will be available starting with Thursday nights's Green Bay Packers-Chicago Bears game at Soldier Field  and then on to a full slate of games on Sunday, Verizon says 5G service will be accessible in concentrated seating areas and perhaps elsewhere. Fans with phones will still be able to tap into 4G LTE when 5G is unavailable. 

Verizon will also make phones available for fan use in 5G stadiums, from Samsung, LG and Motorola.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell released a statement about the Verizon partnership: “As we celebrate the NFL’s 100th season we look forward to the day when Verizon will have their 5G Ultra Wideband service in the stadiums for all 32 NFL Clubs. Having this cutting-edge technology in our stadiums will greatly enhance the game-day experience and bring a multitude of benefits to our fans and clubs in a number of different ways.”



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