Weeks after music’s Blackout Tuesday, which sparked a plethora of heated, industry-wide conversation

Fortnite used its gaming platform for more than just its signature Battle Royale contests, movie nights and occasional music events. On July 4, the title’s community were given the chance to learn more about systemic racism in an initiative titled “We the People.” The event featured CNN political commentator Van Jones who held a series of conversations alongside former Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Elaine Welteroth and The Atlantic writer Jemele Hill.

Fortnite recently delayed the release of its 3rd season and has removed all police cars in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement. “We the People” is an extension of the game’s efforts to promote learning about diversity and racism amongst its young players.

Rapper Killer Mike, who has been outspoken about systemic racism in the public joined in with Jemele Hill. “I’m excited the progress is happening,” the Run The Jewels artist said. “But I know on the other side of that progression, Breonna, Floyd, the brother that was killed here, there are martyrs and we’ve long been martyrs for the progression of this country. And I hope that as we enter into another martyrdom, we enter this coming out, to see justice on that front end and not only when we’re angry. I hope that in coming out of this, the young people that are in the streets organizing, continue to organize in the time of peace like they are in a time of war because they are organizing effectively. They’re causing systemic chance in the immediate and not some protracted campaign. And I support that.”

The conversations in their entirety are now available to watch fully — Fortnite also mentioned that “We the People” also aired numerous times throughout the day on July 4.




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