Dababy: Going Baby On Baby!

"From the streets of North Carolina to the big cities around the world, Dababy is taking over everywhere."

That kick start playlist right before you start your day, better include at least on track from Dababy's new album "Baby on Baby" or you'll be sorry and here's why:

Dababy Interview: Genuis

“Crabs in a barrel mentality for sho'." Even when you're out they reach they still, they wanna try to pull you down - out there they shootin' bows and arrows.”


The North Carolina native, was born to be a star as some would say, making it cool to be you and not what society wants you to be - Dababy has clearly stretched the motive. Clocking up millions of views in just a few weeks from the visual "Suge (Yea Yea)" from the new album "Baby on Baby" has the whole world talking about Dababy. Baby Jesus aka Da Prettiest Chocolate N***a Alive (#therewxndz #dababy) aka The Best Rapper Alive, has already left a mark on hip-hop and isn't plan on stopping.

Baby on Baby

“I let the music take me wherever it take me.”

With the number one album in the country on all platforms in just a matter of days, Dababy says he now completely going "Baby on Baby." Recently signing a deal with Interscope Records and linking up with the most infamous Miss Baroline, Dababy has constantly been on top of the game with releasing new visuals and new music almost regularly. Its no secret, at this rate, the world may just have a new age legend added to Hip-Hop's roster.



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