Xbox Series S Console Confirmed with Controller Leak

Microsoft loves dropping cheaper versions of its gear and it appears we may soon be copping a new console. Alongside the much-anticipated Xbox Series X, you can expect to see the entertainment giant release a more affordable console, known as the Xbox Series S.

The existence of the Xbox Series S was confirmed by Twitter user Zak S, who was able to get his hands on the latest version of the next-gen controller. Reports suggest that the user was able to secure the controller from a buy/sell/swap website, prompting some fans to suggest it was likely part of a dev kit or evidence of a shrewd promotional stunt. Either way, the controller’s manual confirms that the Xbox Series S will be coming, which is a major boost for gaming fans across the globe.

While there isn’t much to report about the Xbox Series S itself, Zak S did give some further insights into the leaked controller. It comes with textured grips and the new ‘hybird’ D-pad. Further, the Share button is located between the Start and Select buttons and we once again see the reprisal of AA batteries, however, this version cops a USB-C cable over the much-maligned USB. Reports also suggest the BlueTooth functionality will allow the new pad to be usable with Android and iOS devices as well.

As for when the new Xbox Series X and now Series S are coming, we’re still waiting, but judging by the new leaks, it might not be too far away.



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