Young Nudy Drops New Single "Never"

East Atlanta rapper Young Nudy is having as solid a 2020 campaign as any blue-collar, hard-working rapper in the game today. His consistency has shown through on his latest full-length project Anyways and Nudy didn’t stop there. Today he returns with his new song “Never” after a strong handful of other loosies and some on-the-go music videos.

The premise here is simple: Young Nudy declares that he’s never going back to being broke, never getting played in a relationship again and has never seen you in the neighborhood you claim to be associated with. “I be steppin’ on these n*ggas with this check, these Nikes/ And these n*ggas say they hard, tell these n*ggas to try me/ I’ma put a n*gga on TV or he on IV,” he raps. Nudy last appeared on his cousin 21 Savage‘s Billboard-topping Savage Mode 2.

Stream “Never” below.



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