YouTube Music adds four new personalized ‘Chill,’ ‘Focus,’ ‘Energy,’ and ‘Workout’ mixes

YouTube Music might be the successor to Google Play Music, but it still feels very much like a “work in progress.” As part of that, four new personalized mixes have been added to YouTube Music for you to enjoy.

It’s sometimes hard to keep up due to the speed at which features are being added, but maybe we’ll get a proper Google Play Music replacement over time. However, four new personalized playlists are available to all users that might help soften the blow a little further.

Four brand new auto-generated playlists should be available if you use YouTube Music on the regular. These come in the form of a Chill mix, an Energy Mix, a Focus mix, and a Workout mix. In a similar manner to the “Discover” playlists found on Spotify — and now YouTube Music. These auto-playlists will reload and repopulate every Monday — giving you a fresh set of tunes to enjoy.

Eagle-eyed YouTube Music users over on Reddit spotted the rollout of the new personalized mixes on their accounts. Should you be a subscriber, then you should definitely go check them out — although it looks as though not everyone can access them just yet from your YouTube Music dashboard. You can see what they look like in the screenshot gallery below, though:

Luckily though, if you don’t yet see the option, you can select one of the links below to add your own personalized mix to your YouTube Music library (Note: Playlists may not appear within your main YT Music landing page):

Chill mix

Energy Mix

Focus mix

Workout mix




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