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  • Kapital Curates 70's Retro 'Rain Smile Knee Pads' in SS21 Drop

    KAPITAL has released a brand new set of capsules from its expansive Spring/Summer 2021 lineup, alongside the drop, the Japanese label released its highly anticipated 'Rain Smile' Knee Pads. Dubbed “Rain Smile,” the knee pads come in a bright yellow vibrant colorway that depict a scenic LA skaters attire on a sunny day. Kapital's bold logo is illustrated in the center of the piece on both knee pads, highlighting the imagery of Japanese brand. The knee pad straps sports a snugg-buckle fit with silver buttons to round up the design. KAPITAL’s “Rain Smile” Knee Pads are currently available on the MHNY’s websitefor $286 USD.

  • Drake Demands Ralo Release In Letter To President Biden

    Several prominent hip hop stars as well as cannabis and criminal justice activists have banded together to support Atlanta rapper Terrell Davis, professionally known as Ralo, who is currently in jail for cannabis trafficking charges. Organized by cannabis clemency activist group Mission Green, the consortium has sent a letter to President Biden advocating for the release of Ralo and other incarcerated on cannabis-related charges. “On behalf of Terrell Davis and his family, we strongly urge you to grant clemency for Mr. Davis, who is serving federal time for non-violent marijuana offense,” the letter reads. “The undersigned— musicians, actors, athletes, filmmakers, current and former elected and appointed government officials, advocates, and business leaders—strongly believe that justice necessitates the exercise of clemency in this case. Our nation’s view of cannabis has evolved, and it is indefensible to incarcerate citizens based on the unduly harsh attitudes of past generations,” the letter continues. Specifically, signatories include Grammy-winning hip hop artist and actor Drake, hip hop artist and activist Killer Mike, NFL Hall-of-Famer and Super Bowl champion Deion Sanders, NBA All-Star John Wall, hip hop artist and criminal justice advocate Meek Mill, NFL player Julio Jones, former U.S. Attorney for the District of Kansas Barry Grissom, hip hop artist and Grammy winner T.I., Indiana state senator Eddie Melton (D-IN), criminal justice activist Alice Johnson, and many others. Others in the hip hop community who have signed on include recording artists 2 Chainz, Freeway, Loon, Lil’ Yachty, Waka Flocka, Baby Bash, and others. “How is it ok for a white man in Oregon, Nevada, or Colorado to grow, smoke, and profit millions from marijuana but a young black man from the Westside of Atlanta who’s been nothing less than a service and a pillar to his community can be jailed and taken away from his family for allegedly doing the same thing?” says rap artist T.I. Including and centering the hip hop community in cannabis and criminal justice advocacy is necessary, says Mission Green founder, hip hop producer, and pardon recipient Weldon Angelos. “I give hip hop credit for normalizing cannabis use,” says Angelos. “Hip hop has normalized it to the extent that it can legalize. I think hip hop has done more for this effort than any other group. It’s a powerful force—going back to Tupac, B.I.G.—everyone that was just talking about smoking, they normalized it. It became cool. This is a big part of legalization,” he says of hip hop’s contributions to cannabis culture and policy change. Ralo has been imprisoned for nearly three years in connection to a 2018 drug case, in which he was charged with two federal counts of possession with intent to distribute marijuana after 444 pounds of weed were found on a private plane. He is currently incarcerated at the Clayton County Detention Center in Ashland, Ala. and faces up to 8 years in federal prison on conspiracy charges. “I have been in state prison on several occasions and I’ve been to county jail. I was able to feel their pain,” Ralo says in a phone interview from prison about others who are incarcerated on cannabis charges. He explains that he was oblivious to the various activities that, when combined in the eyes of a judge, can get you extra time “just like that,” Ralo says. Specifically, he is referring to mandatory minimums and other sentencing conventions that add significant time when combined with other charges, like guns, even if they weren’t material to the alleged crime committed. If we knew better, we do better,” Ralo says. “A lot of people, like myself, suffer from a lack of knowledge. I never knew I could be facing this amount of time for marijuana. A lot of people come in here for things they done that they shoulda hidden or whatnot, and they just didn’t know. I hope the federal government changes they laws, of course, but if they don’t, our people need to know they laws, even if they terrible laws,” says Ralo. “A lot of people don’t have a voice. The best thing to happen to my kind and all of us is that I will be able to speak out. And my voice is kinda loud. I hope that I can get pardoned and still advocate,” Ralo says of his future. He adds that speaking out is difficult for prisoners, who are subject to cell lockdowns and limited phone time each month. Ralo also mentioned that this was the first time the rapper Drake, specifically, has lent his name to criminal justice initiatives. “I’d like to thank him, in particular,” he says, also naming and thanking T.I. and Meek Mill. In addition to signing the letter, Drake recently shouted out Ralo on his track Lemon Pepper: “Real life, the whole Fam goons like Ralo/One truck in front of me, one behind me to follow,” the lines read, referring to Ralo’s crew. The letter specifically brings to light President Biden’s own words, spoken during a November 2019 Democratic primary debate, during which he said, “I think we should decriminalize marijuana, period. And I think everyone – anyone who has a record should be let out of jail, their records expunged, be completely zeroed out.” The letter comes at a relatively fortuitous time in the cannabis activism movement. Earlier this year, several people incarcerated on cannabis charges, like Michael Thompson, Corvain Cooper, Mission Green founder Weldon Angelos, and others were granted pardons or sentence commutations. Several states have enacted adult-use legalization, including New York, which is expected to blossom into a $2.5 billion legal cannabis market once it is up and running. Calls for clemency for those jailed on cannabis charges have proliferated alongside these legalization successes. The letter points out that though many benefitted from clemency during the prior presidential administration under President Trump, many more were left out for reasons unknown, including notable cannabis prisoners like Luke Scarmazzo and Davis. “While your predecessor commuted the sentences of over a dozen individuals who were serving lengthy prison sentences for marijuana, the vast majority of those serving time for marijuana in the federal system were left behind, including Mr. Davis, and public attention focused on the disparity between those deserving of presidential clemency and those who were wealthy or connected enough to lobby the White House,” the letter reads. “That form of clemency needs to be replaced with a principled, active, and meaningful program that better fits modern America.” Below is the rest of the letter, including a full list of signatories.

  • Chime Bank Underheat After Being Accused of Stealing Customer's Money

    American technology neobank company Chime is accused of stealing a long-term customer's money after an online purchase was canceled but never returned to the account. An estimated 5 million people use the online bank Chime. One customers contacted THEREWXNDZ Team after noticing hundreds of dollars disappeared. "We're in the middle of a pandemic so it's a lot I could be doing with my $500," said Lachrista Santellana of Dallas, Texas. "I get alerts every time I spend something and luckily I had the alerts on, because I wouldn't have had any proof of the transactions," said Santellana. She said money was mysteriously moved from her checking after making a purchase at Best Buy, which then got canceled but was never returned to her account. "I communicated with Best Buy and Chime as soon as notice the money was in my account and then gone, even the initial transaction" she said. Santellana said she disputed the transactions with Chime and has since filled out a police report, but was told that she may have to wait 45 days for an investigation. "I'm calling them, I'm crying on the phone, I even left work. I felt betrayed, robbed" Santellana said. Just last September Chicago resident Jasabella Clark disputed a transfer of $1,400 from her Chime bank account to a different bank. "I was trying to check my bank balance while I was on my way back home and I couldn't log in. I told the manager, I said that I didn't authorize that transfer, I can't even get into my account so that is just impossible," Clark said. "Then the manager escalated me up to a specialist, and the specialist just gave me a dispute form via email, and she told me to file a police report. So that's what I did." In documents Lachrista Santellana shared with us, Chime said the refund could take up to five business days to return to her account, and after those five days passed Chime stated that no error occurred and maybe she spent the money somewhere else. "I was upset. I was furious, I just felt like everything was rushed and the account representatives where just telling me anything to get me off the phone, I felt like I wasn't been taking seriously," said Santellana. "So now I'm just at a lost for $500 and Chime basically can't help me...., if I can't trust my bank with my money then who can I trust," Lachrista said. THEREWXNDZ has reached out to Chime bank about her case in regards to these accusations but Chime has also failed to respond to our team of editors.

  • Maharishi Explores its Mythological Roots in Vietnam Inspired SS21 Capsule

    After recently releasing a limited-edition collaborative capsule based on the artwork of Andy Warhol back in February, Maharishi now returns with its mythological Vietnam inspired Spring/Summer 2021 collection. The original 60’s spec Cotton Sateen is reproduced with organic yarns and used to create faithful reproductions and modified versions of Utility suits, as well as creating Eastern-inspired silhouettes using excess military cloths and trims. Badged versions of Utility and Jungle uniforms are offered in Poplin and Cotton Sateen in the original OG-107 Olive colour standard, as well as in black – in reference to the Special Forces custom of overdyeing their uniforms to allow them to move like ninjas during night time covert operations. Sister company MAHAPATCHCO. provided embroidered patches and branch tapes for various units – this season focusing on the U.S. Navy River Patrol Section 513 unit celebrated in Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Apocalypse Now’, itself based on Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’. As advisors to the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN), many U.S. soldiers showed their solidarity by adopting local camouflage patterns – mostly Tigerstripes that were inspired by the French lizard patterns worn during the French Indochina period. The Maha Tailor Shop table-printed small batches of camouflage and this season offer a re-issue of the rare ARVN pattern known as ‘bullet-proofs’ or ‘purples’. The full SS21 collection can be seen in the lookbook above, with all pieces are available to purchase now from the Maharishi webstore.

  • Undefeated To Re-release Their Nike Kobe 4 Protro Collaboration On April 2nd

    Kobe‘s passing is a tragedy still felt throughout the entire world. And though difficult, Nike is attempting to preserve the Black Mamba’s legacy by way of his signature sneakers. Very soon, the brand will even enlist the help of another fervid supporter: Undefeated. At the intersection of sportswear and streetwear, the LA-based boutique has already fostered a number of collaborations with the athlete in the past. Back in 2019, the two linked up for an extensive capsule of Kobe 4 Protros, a silhouette that originally debuted in 2008. Clad in a number of brand new colorways, each version of the model salutes an athlete that Bryant believes to encapsulate the “Mamba Mentality.” If you missed out back then, or regret not even making an attempt at picking a pair up, then you may be in luck. Via social media, Undefeated has announced a re-release of all four colorways exclusively online on Undefeated, launching at 8:24am PT. To further commemorate this re-release event, the Undefeated Foundation will make a charitable donation to the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation in memory of Kobe and Gianna.

  • Kevin Durant Addresses Social Media Exchange with Michael Rapaport

    Brooklyn Nets' Kevin Durant apologizes for the social media messages that surfaced between him and actor Michael Rapaport. Durant also gives an update on his injury and how he feels about the additions of Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge to Brooklyn. In the exchange, Durant wrote out several homophobic insults directed at Rapaport after the actor originally called out the NBA star for how he handled an interview on national television. Speaking to the media Thursday, Durant said, "I'm sorry that people have seen the language I used. That's not what I want people to see or hear from me." Nets coach Steve Nash also broached the topic, saying that an internal discussion over the messages was had, but the details were withheld from reporters covering the press conference. Durant took to Twitter on Tuesday to apologize to Rapaport for his actions.

  • 7-Eleven Opens First Drive-Thru Evolution Store in Dallas

    In celebration of 7-Eleven's two year success run with popular South Texas taco food-chain, Laredo Taco Company, the two have joined forces again to launch the company's first drive-thru Evolution store. The drive-thru restaurant, with indoor seating as well, shares space with the newest 7‑Eleven Evolution Store – the third such store in Dallas and the sixth in the country. At the new Laredo Taco Company drive-thru, taco fans can now order a Slurpee drink with their meal in a single stop, which is also a first for the iconic 7‑Eleven beverage. If breakfast is too early for a Slurpee drink, customers can choose a cup of fresh-brewed coffee. Hot or iced coffee and espresso drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos are also available. Other beverage choices include aguas frescas, fountain drinks, iced tea, as well as Topo Chico sparkling mineral water and other bottled and canned drinks such as water, juice, energy and sports drinks. All told, drive-thru customers can choose from over 30 beverages and even more food options and combinations. "This is delicious news for customers of both 7‑Eleven and Laredo Taco Company," said Chris Tanco, 7–Eleven executive vice president and chief operating officer. "7‑Eleven is known as a beverage destination, and Laredo Taco Company makes some of the best quick-serve Mexican food anywhere. Throw in the convenience of grabbing a taco paired with a Slurpee drink through a drive-thru, and it's a match made in heaven." 7‑Eleven acquired the Laredo Taco Company restaurants along with Stripes® convenience stores in South Texas as part of the 1,000-store acquisition from Sunoco in 2018.

  • Nice Kicks Teamed Up With Unheardof Brand for Exclusive DQM x Nike Air Max 90 Giveaway

    Popular sneaker news company Nice Kicks has announced an exclusive partnership with Unheardof brand for a special giveaway of the DQM x Nike Air Max 90 'Bacon' packaged. The exclusive giveaway offers one lucky follower a chance to win a pair of these special-packaged DQM x Nike Air Max 90's. The sneaker company announced the new partnership with Unheardof late Thursday evening via a post shared on the company's official Instagram. Peep the post below. Headover to Nice Kicks official Instagram for more information and entering the new giveaway.

  • Nike Granted Temporary Restraining Order Over MSCHF’s “Satan Shoes”

    Nike’s request for a temporary injection was granted, according to CBS News. The court will now request MSCHF to no longer fulfill any orders. However, MSCHF claims that 665/666 pairs have already been shipped, with customers reportedly saying they’ve received their pairs, according to Complex. Earlier on Thursday, MSCHF released a statement ahead of the trial following Nike’s lawsuit. MSCHF strongly believes in the freedom of expression, and nothing is more important than our ability, and the ability of other artists like us, to continue with our work over the coming years. Statement via MSCHF The statement address that the MSCHF’s intention was to start a conversation through art, much like Lil Nas X and his song and music video. Nike demanded MSCHF to recall the pairs. Keep it locked on Nice Kicks as the story continues. Take a look at the statement below.

  • Quin NFN Taps SSG Splurge for "Ditch Diggers" Official Music Video

    Detroit rapper Quin NFN has returned with his latest visual "Ditch Diggers" featuring Texas rapper SSG Splurge. Adding to his list of collabs, the Detroit rapper debuted his latest visual this weekend which premiered on WSHH's official YouTube channel. The new film, shot and directed by Jmoney 1041, starts off with hard familiar bass beat almost seeming to synchronize with Quin NFN's Detroit style deliverance as he and SSG Splurge vibe-out on every second of the new banger. The smooth bass filled track hears both artists shine a light on their lives, promising to remain loyal through the good and the bad. Watch Quin NFN featuring SSG Splurge "Ditch Diggers" Official Music Video above.

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